3 Reasons to Look Within Your Circle First for Startup Hiring

February 4, 2020

Every entrepreneur struggles with finding talent while startup hiring, and it’s not only you; corporates are having a hard time as well. On top of that corporates have the advantage of offering huge ‘finders fees’; a bonus for anyone who will find the talent they will end up hiring. Some bonuses will go up to €5000,- per hire. 

So how can you ever compete with that? The answer is simple; look for talent within your inner circle first/involve people from your inner circle or your employees’ inner circle. Who knows, your poker buddies might be looking to switch their careers up as well. Read below why it’s a great idea:

1. People in your inner circle are less likely to steal your ideas

As a starting business, it’s hard enough to compete with the larger companies that can sweep you over with capital and magnitude. Add to this the fact that there are always thieves on the lure pick your brain and run away with your darlings or multi-million dollar ideas.

Including people from your inner circle in your project will make it less likely for that to happen. These are people you can trust, and they’ll work with you instead of against you. And if you’re looking into your poker inner circle, you might find guys who will help you move forward or even invest in your ideas.

Which is another great reason why you should talk to your network, even before you go ahead with startup hiring.

2. Friends can be great business partners

Hewlett & Packard, Steve & Steve, Bill & friends, lots of great entrepreneur stories start with ‘a group of friends getting together to work on a project’. Of course, and unfortunately, not all friendships last forever, however, it can be a good stress-test of how good your friendship really is. 

The only question is; are you ready to quit poker for your business?

3. Great minds think alike

If your friends or the people around you are anything like you, they will think alike and be on the same page with you. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to lead your team to the same dot on the horizon. 

Even though you might not or never end up at that dot, it is necessary to point in a direction instead of each one taking their own path. This will become easier if your goals are aligned and your minds work the same. 

On the contrary, you need people around you who think differently and put up a fight once in a while. It will sharpen your ideas and work process.

Are you ready to begin the process of startup hiring now?

startup hiring

Naturally, if your inner circle is not big enough to hire, you absolutely have to get to know more people. In this article, you will find a few tips on how to grow your personal network.

My first 5 employees were all from my inner circle. They included poker players, friends, and even family. When you’re at the beginning of your startup you can use any help you can get your hands on. The first hires usually do not have 1 single tasks or set of skills they can rely on. They need to be agile to cover different parts of growing your business. As a CEO you’re already multitasking, so as you grow your team you want to hand off as many responsibilities to people you can trust. Whether they are your business partner, employee or family member.

Once I needed specific skills that I couldn’t find in my personal network, I started the recruitment process. Which is a story for another day.

Would you like to discuss the best way to find a match in your inner circle? Schedule a call with me here to have a chat about it.

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