9 Reasons Why You Should Stop Poker Today

February 5, 2020

Throughout my career, I’ve contemplated to quit and stop poker for good many times. I just didn’t know what else to do with my life. Did I have any skills that I can transfer to business? Or how do I know this is the right time to quit the games?

These questions probably sound familiar. If they are, perhaps it’s time to zero-in on what you are feeling and why.

Signs to stop playing poker now!

Here’s a quick list of the signs that may indicate it’s time to leave the tables behind:

  • Burned out
  • Always complaining about poker
  • Tired
  • Not interested in the game
  • Will take any excuse for not to play or stop sessions
  • Unable to focus while playing
  • Unproductive 
  • Performing poorly
  • Stressed

Mental coaching

Have you tried to find a mental coach to help you with the issues listed above?

I personally have worked with Jared Tendler since 2014. He took my mental game to another level. Which helped me both professionally and personally. If you’re not ready to stop poker, I suggest looking into mental coaching from people like Jared.

I’ll cover more options for mental coaching and my experiences with them in another blog.

It’s time to move on

If some of these symptoms describe you, you may want to start thinking about quitting poker and put your focus elsewhere. You might want to invest your poker winnings, find a regular job, or want to look into starting a business. There are many opportunities available for what you can do.

Don’t get stuck into a lifestyle that you’re not happy with.

You can contact me for a call to find out what suits you best when you’re considering a change in career paths. I’d be happy to hear what you have in mind and share some insights and examples for inspiration.

Let me know which of the 9 signs you are struggling within the comments below!

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