Quitting Poker! When Do You Change Your Career?

February 5, 2020

It’s not always easy to find a new job, but it can be even more challenging when you decide that quitting poker is the way go and make a change in your career path.

The new road varies per player and circumstances. Do you have any skills outside of poker? How big is your bankroll, so how big is the urgency?

When you’re financially comfortable, you can allow yourself more time to explore what you want. Either on a low salary or without one at all. But, if you’re all tapped out and you need money to cover your basic needs, the time and financial pressure are significantly different. And even more, variables play a role like your residency status, taxes, cash flow, age, ambitions and more.

However, with the right strategy you can reinvent your gambling life and make the change, regardless of where you are in your current poker career or how old you are.

In fact, many players who successfully quit poker are mid-career and tired or burned out, or just wanting to do something different for the rest of their lives. Does that sound familiar?

Are You Ready for a Career Change and Quit Poker?

quit poker, change career

It’s very easy to get set in your ways and to think that because you have always played poker you can’t do anything else. That’s not true.

As a poker player, you have probably developed the skills to adjust based on the circumstances. Why would this be any different?

We can all make a change if we want to. The timing needs to be right and the foundation for making a move needs to be established, but it can be done. One of the hardest parts is convincing yourself that you’re ready to do it – and that you can do it!

6 Signs That it’s Time to Leave Poker Behind

change career, career switch, quit poker

In some cases, you may not even be aware that you need a change. You might be bored or tired or simply don’t feel like starting the grind.

Another sign is when you are using every excuse you can think of to take time off, like a downswing or “bad games”, and cringe at the thought of getting the tables started.

Even worse, you just don’t like the game anymore, and would rather be anywhere else than at the poker table. That can happen to any player.  When it does, there are warning signs that are an indicator that it could be time to quit poker.

1. Are you complaining about poker all the time?

Are you constantly whining about bad beats, variance, though games, tight nits and lucky fish? 

2. Have you experienced signs of stress

Which you can’t attribute to anything other than poker, which is driving you almost crazy?

3. Is poker boring? Does it feel like a long grind?

Are auto-piloting and finding it difficult to find motivation for sessions?  When your poker stops being fun, it can be a sign you need a new challenge, and quitting might sound like a possible solution.

4. Has poker been the same for what seems like forever?

If you have trouble moving up in stakes or improving your win rate, then your poker career may have hit its ceiling. Bumhunting endlessly often removes motivation and ambition.

5. Do you start dreading starting your session – or getting up in the morning?

That can be a signal that you are experiencing low satisfaction or increased stress while playing cards.

6. Do you constantly think about quitting poker or retiring?

Though we all think about escaping poker at times, an obsessive focus on moving on can mean that this isn’t the lifestyle for you anymore.

I’ve been guilty for all of the above at some point during my career. The passion for poker goes in swings as well, sometimes in-sync with up and downswings. If bad habits keep returning and the love for the game is dying out, you need to start considering other options.

I’d be happy to talk to you and help you on your journey to a new career. Need an idea? Have a look at this blog on how to start your crypto business.

Are you tired of poker and ready to quit? Leave a comment below and tell me why!

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