Introduction call


Morten Christensen, is a poker player, entrepreneur and startup advisor. Whether you’re looking to discuss an idea or optimizing your business plan, I’m here to assist.

Morten can help you if:

  • You’re starting to invest
  • Transition out of poker
  • Curate your business idea
  • Built investment strategy
  • Help you find your passion

What happens next?


Book – After the payment you will receive an email with a link to book a date in my calendar. Don’t worry about my schedule, just pick the date & time that suits you best.


Prep – Before our call I will send you a form with some questions. This is optional, but the more I know about you and why you want to speak with me, the more productive our call will be. 


Call – The moment we’ve both been waiting for. Time for our call! Bring your energy and your questions & get ready for some actionable insights.