Staking NFTs to Earn And Invest in DAOs

Ever since I returned from playing the WSOP in Vegas, I dived straight back into crypto and NFTs. During my absence, a...

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From Poker Pro to CEO

Are you at the end of your poker career and wondering what direction you want to take in life? I’ve been in that exact same spot, and so have most of my poker friends, even the ones that are still crushing the digital tables.

The question ‘what to do after poker’ is one that every professional has asked himself, perhaps multiple times during his career, and I’m here to give you some tips from my personal and network’s experiences.

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"With Morten you will get someone who is very dedicated and who will be actually trying to help solve the problem"

Robin, co-founder Virtual APT

"Morten strives to be the best version of himself, living his life searching for self-improvement"

Yasemin, former business partner AirdropAlert

"Morten's work ethic and ability to generate different income streams has been an inspiration for our group."

Floris, Founder PokerAmbition

"Morten is my go-to contact for any business advice and can always guide me in the right direction."

Bryan, retired poker player

"I would definitely recommend a session with Morten to people who are open to change the way they work and increase the profitability of their business."

Sarah Meyran, Digital Nomad

"Morten knows how to ask the right question to crack in whatever loop you are stuck in, and that is what makes PokerCEO coaching session valuable."

Jess Huang, Digital Nomad

Secrets to Start Trading PFP NFTs For Profits

If you happen to follow me on Twitter. You have noticed my several tweets per day about PFP NFTs. As a result, I've been getting several DM's every 24 hours, with questions about trading NFTs. Questions about which on how to get started or what projects are hot. So in...

Bear Market FCK Ups You Should Avoid

Cards on the table, I fucked up in many ways in the last 2 bear markets. Not saying I'm living hand to mouth, but in retrospect, I could have done 10x better if I played the bear markets as I play the bull markets. It's fun to share success stories and help people in...

Prepping For The WSOP 2021 in Las Vegas

We're about 6 weeks out before the main event starts in Las Vegas. By now I have to start my preparation for it. The world series (WSOP) are already starting in about 10 days, but personally, I'm only going for the main event. Basically, I'm only playing 1 event with...

Profile Picture (pfp) NFTs Shopping, Do’s and Don’ts

After getting some feedback and checking analytics, it's become crystal clear to me that most of you are interested in NFTs. That doesn't come as a surprise. I bet you all saw the crypto punks go for millions, and even the Bored Apes NFT series just closed an auction...