Morten is a true achiever, when he has a goal on his mind he will achieve it.

He is a very hard-working and open-minded person who is always looking to optimize things and makes you think in ways you could be more effective towards reaching your own goals.

He is my go-to contact for any business advice and can always guide me in the right direction, as he build his own company from the ground up, learning many things and ways of thinking along the way.

Book a session with him and you won’t regret it.

Bryan (scarface.vlt), retired poker player

As a former business partner, I see Morten as a true optimist. He strives to be the best version of himself, living his life searching for self-improvement. His enthousiasm is contagious and his energy makes him fun to work with.

Yasemin – Psychologist, Crossfit Coach, AirdropAlert co-founder

Co-founding a poker office with Morten and TheWakko in Rotterdam was a huge step in all our careers. We quickly optimized our studying and mindset surrounding the game which benifitted us all. The office later evolved into PokerAmbition.eu stable we still run to day. Morten’s work ethic and ability to generate different income streams has been an inspiration for our group.

Floris (xplode777), Founder PokerAmbition

I’ve known Morten for almost 10 years now and I don’t think I know anybody who works harder and is more dedicated than him. It seems that he has no off-button. I’ve always told him that whenever he would do a new project I would make sure I would try to be involved because with him in charge the chance of success would be very high.

With Morten you will get someone who is very dedicated and who will be actually trying to help solve the problem.

Robin, co-founder Virtual APT

Having had a coaching session with Morten has changed the way I do business and manage my time. He is truly dedicated to make you successful and for that won’t hesitate to point out your blockage and push you out of your comfort-zone.

He gave also me all the materials to have a clear view on the profitability of my projects and what process optimizations I should put in place for reaching my financial goals. I would definitely recommend a session with Morten to people who are open to change the way they work and increase the profitability of their business. It’s kind of challenging but it’s worth it.

Sarah Meyran – Digital Nomad, founder Studio September