My name is Morten Christensen, born and raised in The Netherlands. On Linkedin I use 3 buzzwords to describe myself: Data Scientist – Growth Hacker – Blockchain. Which is all true, but this sounds way fancier than it actually is.

Before poker, I tried a few studies, but nothing really stuck. When I realised poker is a game that could be beat, I decided to drop out of school and quit my side job to pursue my dream to become a poker player at the age of 23.

Why PokerCEO?

After a successful career as entrepreneur, poker players in my network started asking me how I made the transition from poker to business. My goal for PokerCEO is to create a community with 3 main pillars to help other poker players make the same move as I did: 

Knowledge Center

Sharing travel experiences, lessons learned and business advice from my point of view. 

Community Value

Creating a valuable community of ambitious, intelligent individuals, helping each other in their next steps. 

Investment Fund

Sharing investment opportunities too good to pass on, and eventually creating an investment fund of unique individuals.

Poker Career

Over the course of 8 years I’ve played over 5 million hands online across most popular poker sites. My main game was mid/high stakes cash games. Specialized in Heads up and 6max. 

One of my core strengths of the last few years of my career was building exploitable strategies with a Game Theory Optimal (GTO) foundation in PIO solver, based on the data we mined in poker trackers, to study the general population behaviors.

I co-founded a poker office in Rotterdam during those days with a few very talented players, who still beat the online high stakes today.

Poker Nomad

I took full advantage of the freedom this lifestyle offers and traveled the world as a poker nomad, moving from one poker house to another. I’ve lived in places like the UK, Italy, Thailand & Colombia, with the occasional poker trip to places like Vegas & Macau.

World Traveler

During the nomad life I also had the chance to travel the globe, so I did. As of today, I traveled to over 75 countries across all continents, including Antarctica. One of my personal highlights is swimming in the Devil’s pool of the Victoria Falls in Zambia, and scuba diving with humpback whales around Cook islands.

Startup Experience

In 2014 I gave the startup life half a shot, by starting a platform to buy Bitcoins online. After a year I found it I couldn’t focus on poker and business. At the time I wasn’t ready to leave the tables behind. While I noticed doing both wasn’t leading to results I strived. So I parked my entrepreneurial ambitions for a few years and put all my focus back into poker. 

When 2017 arrived, I was ready to give the startup dream another shot and succeeded. With more knowledge and energy, I started an online marketplace which grew to 1 million users within a year. 

Today I’m involved with several startups, as a partner, advisor or angel investor. And recently started coaching for one of the leading startup accelerators, for their Amsterdam venue.


As an early Bitcoin adopter, I’ve gone through many stages of actively and passively investing in this new technology. From building my own miners to crypto trading. And from investing (gambling) in Initial Coin Offerings and altcoins to ICO advising. 

Similar to other poker players, I have been heavily involved with blockchain and crypto for the past years.

Let’s talk

After numerous requests for help from poker players in my network, to transition out of poker into their next ventures, I decided to start On this website I’ll share my ideas, experiences and knowledge surrounding this topic and I hope it inspires you to take your next steps. Let’s have a chat to talk about what’s your next move!

"With Morten you will get someone who is very dedicated and who will be actually trying to help solve the problem"

Robin, co-founder Virtual APT

"Morten strives to be the best version of himself, living his life searching for self-improvement"

Yasemin, former business partner AirdropAlert

"Morten's work ethic and ability to generate different income streams has been an inspiration for our group."

Floris, Founder PokerAmbition

"Morten is my go-to contact for any business advice and can always guide me in the right direction."

Bryan, retired poker player

"I would definitely recommend a session with Morten to people who are open to change the way they work and increase the profitability of their business."

Sarah Meyran, Digital Nomad

"Morten knows how to ask the right question to crack in whatever loop you are stuck in, and that is what makes PokerCEO coaching session valuable."

Jess Huang, Digital Nomad

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